About Us

Our mission is to help grow small businesses

Started in 2010, Money Tree Merchant Services seeks to provide cash advances for small businesses in need of capital. We know how hard it can be for a small business to get a foot hold when they are struggling to pay bills. Using the money we provide, many small businesses invest in their infastructure to generate greater profits and sustainability in the long-run. The capital we offer can be used for anything from advertising to accounts payable, and we only get paid when your business makes money.

Getting a cash advance from us is easy, we appove 93% of the applications we receive. Submitting an application takes less than 5 minutes. Once you are approved, we will contact you to begin transferring your money. It really is that easy, and submitting an application is no obligation if you decide you're not ready yet. We keep your information completely confidential, and will never solicit you without your permission.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments, or call during normal business hours. We strive to provide the best service, let us know how we can help your business. If you are interested in partnering with Money Tree Merchant Services, contact us for more information on our partnership program.