Money Tree services
Money Tree Merchant Services helps businesses achieve their working capital needs by utilizing future credit card sales. Through this cash advance program, countless businesses have received the capital they need when they need it.
Cafes and shops
We have provided funding to coffee shops, delis, cafés, and many other storefront businesses. Let us help finance your inventory, hiring, construction, or new furniture.
New office
Whether you want to expand your business in a new location, or simply build out your current infastructure; we can provide the funding to help you grow your success.
Salons, barbershops, and hair stylists
Equipment, products, chairs, even a new broom. There are no restrictions on how you use your cash advance. Sylists and barbershops can finance their purchasing through future sales.
With the overwhelming variety of services your spa can offer, make your decisions easier with extra funding. Training and new equipment are solid investments in your business' revenue stream.
Chefs and restaurants
Food service operators can find the financial backing they need to use new recipes, advertise, and grow their customer base. Moneytree is funding everything from French cuisine to sports bars.
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Having the right tool for the job is hard to do when you can't afford the right tool. Let Moneytree provide the funding to outfit your shop with the right tools and parts to get the job done.
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Being New Yorkers, we know the stiff competition Pizzerias can face. Get the ingredients and help you need to toss out the competitors.
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We offer many funding options for medical professionals seeking to open or expand their practice. Leverage your future transactions to invest in your practice today.
Good credit
Bad credit
Perfect credit
No fixed payments
No collateral
Free analysis
Fact: 90% of loans are declined
We have a 93% approval rate
Use the money for your business needs.

Why would I want a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance is a smart way for businesses to get working capital for growth. It can be used for anything from payroll, to inventory - and is paid back as the business makes money.

How do I get a merchant cash advance?

Simply fill out an application to find out how much money your business qualifies for. We base our advances on your business' money flow more than its credit score.

Why should I choose Moneytree?

We offer industry leading customer support, flexible funding and repayment options, and a 93% approval rate.

What if I have tried to get a loan and was declined?

A merchant cash advance is based on your business' cash flow, and not on your credit score. Most businesses can get a cash advance even when they have been declinded for a loan.

How much money can I get?

Funds vary based on the business' cash flow - and can range from $1000 - $1mil+